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"Under One Sky"
Christine Barton ©2007

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Welcome to the homepage of Christine Barton, music therapist, presenter, and award-winning composer and performer. Here you will find resources for:
  • Music therapy interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
  • Music therapy interventions for children who have hearing loss
  • Information about engaging music performances for all occasions, especially family and children’s events
  • Information about dynamic conference and keynote presentations

Within this site, you will find downloadable resources, access to publications, recordings for sale, videos to watch, newly composed audio clips to listen to, links to other sites and, of course, more information on Chris. So, take the time you need to look around. Surely, you will find something interesting! Let me know what you think!

Chris & ChildWhat's New?

Guidelines for MT Practice in Developmental Health - Chapter 9: Children with Hearing Loss
Author : Christine Barton
Purchase the chapter here: Chapter 9 link

Won’t You Be My Friend?
Thirty years ago, as a young(er) music therapist, I wrote a song for the students of William Grace Elementary School in Farmington, Michigan, where I was employed. In the fall of 2009, a parent of a student in the special education program at the school called to tell me that her daughter, who sadly had passed away that spring, loved my song. As a tribute to the incredible staff at the school and in memory of her daughter, she asked permission to use the song in a project where the students with and without disabilities would come together to record Won’t You Be My Friend? Here is that video:


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